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Rolle and Gstaad

The oldest and certainly one of the best boarding schools in Switzerland is the legendary "Institute Le Rosey". The media called Le Rosey as the "School of Kings" because many European royals attended the school during most of the 20th century. However, today it is more the educational choice of the celebrities and the wealthy. The Le Rosey educated many generations of well-known families like The Rothschild’s, The Hohenlohe’s. The Hohenzollern. They also educated several monarchs like the Kings Albert II and Baudouin I of Belgium, King Fuad II of Egypt, Aga Khan IV, and Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The school offers a bilingual education in either English or French. This depends on the chosen academic program to receive the International or French Baccalaureate. Over 400 students from over 60 different countries study at Le Rosey. The age ranges from 7 through 18. However, most of the students are between the ages of 14 to 18 and 60% are from European countries. Students have a lakeside chateau, replate with 10 tennis courts, jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, and a saling center. Le Rosey’s 380 students are all boarders and share life on two campuses: the first an attractive manorial estate in Rolle beside Lake Geneva, and the second, during the winter months, in the picturesque alpine ski resort of Gstaad.
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ETON COLLEGE (boys only)
Windsor, Berkshire

Eton College, the top-ranked British school, synonymous in many people's minds with the term "boarding school," this bastion of Britishness, founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, remains a school for boys, This boys school has educated and educates much of the British aristocracy, including the princes of England and 19 prime ministers. To enter, students must gain the ""approval"" of highly distinguished families. Eton sets the highest academic standards. The success rate for entry to Oxford, Cambridge, and other leading UK and US universities is very high Eton College provides a full boarding education for about 1,300 boys aged 13–18, with balanced emphases on high academic standards, strong pastoral support and liberal choice within a wide range of high-quality sporting and cultural activities. Every boy has an individual study-bedroom within a strong house community of about 50, guided by a resident house master and dame, and each boy also has a tutor who encourages his intellectual and personal development. Within a broad and flexible curriculum, boys study for GCSE, AS- and A-levels, and the new Pre-U examination in modern languages. Beyond the schoolroom, Eton has outstanding facilities for music, art, design and drama and sports.
96% of students achieved A or B grades.
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An international boarding school founded in 1904 and located near St.Moritz in the Engadin. 220 boarders from around the world and 100 local day students study at our school for the Swiss Matura, the German Abitur and the International Baccalaureate. The school philosophy is founded on respect for tradition combined with innovative thinking and emphasizes values such as open-mindedness, tolerance, respect, fair play and commitme. The school offers an exceptionally strong sports program : climbing, cricket, Eton fives, soccer, golf, mountain-biking, tennis, track and field, basketball, volleyball, boxing, rugby, uni-hockey, skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey
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HARROW SCHOOL (boys only)
Harrow, London

Harrow was founded in 1572 and it is one of the most famous schools in the world. Distinguished Old Harrovians include seven British Prime Ministers and the first Prime Minister of India, as well as poets and writers as diverse as Byron, Sheridan and Richard Curtis. It specialises in providing a high-quality, full-boarding education for around 800 boys. Pupils benefit from a combination of academic excellence and an outstanding range of opportunities outside the classroom. From the playing of Harrow Football to the famous straw hat, Harrow's way of life is steeped in tradition. The famous Eton vs Harrow cricket match (the longest-running annual cricket fixtures in the world) reflects the strong competition between these leading boy schools.
 94% of students achieved A or B grades in 2010.
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Brillantmont was established in 1882 and provides
boys and girls aged 11-18 with 45 nationalities provides in the different sections ( The British Section , The American Section, Modern Language Section, Swiss Section) several diplomas : British IGCSE/AS/ A Level/ AICE and American High School. Classes of 15 students maximum. School is active in humanitarian and charity projects. School facilities include two science laboratories, a computerized language laboratory, an art and a photo studio, a computer laboratory, one multipurpose sports court and a clay tennis court. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are available including art, music, photography, drama, film and media, yearbook and dance. The sports programme offers volleyball, basketball, unihockey, track, athletics, cross-country, swimming, badminton, tennis, riding, bicycling, windsurfing, skating, skiing´
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Godalming, Surrey

Founded in 1611, Charterhouse is one of these great historic elite public schools of England. Charterhouse remains predominantly a boarding school, taking boys from 13 -18 years old and girls from 16-18 years old. The School has a long tradition of academic excellence and offers a wide range of outstanding facilities and activities. The school sticks to some of its old traditions, including the so-called "calling over" ceremony, in which students are individually chastised or praised in public. Charterhouse provides financial support through scholarships and bursaries to over 200 of the 775 pupils. Charterhouse aims to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity, to enrich spiritual awareness, to match physical fitness with love of the arts, and to promote individuality together with a sense of duty to friends and society. 91% of students achieved A*, A or B grades.
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St. Gallen

Founded in 1889, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg, is an international, co-educational school with boarding and day students. The four sections of the school (Anglo-American, German, Swiss and Italian), have altogether about 400 students who follow the curriculum of the respective country. (German Abitur, IGCSE, GCE A Levels, High School Diploma, Esame di stato ). Philosophy of the school: "Learning how to live is the purpose of all education", meaning: •coping with everyday problems •fulfilling one’s scholastic obligations •integrating into the community •gaining social competence and conflict resolution skills.
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Westminster, London

The school was founded in 1179, but re-founded in 1560 and it is one of the original nine British public schools as defined by the Public Schools Act 1868. Westminster School, is one of Britain's leading independent schools with the highest Oxford and Cambridge acceptance rate of any secondary school or college in Britain. The school traditionally encourages independent and individual thinking. Boys are admitted to the Under School at age seven, and to the senior school at age thirteen; girls are admitted only at sixteen. The school has around 750 pupils. 98% of students achieved A or B grades in 2010.
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The most expensive boarding school in the world
for children from 11-19 years in the mountains near Geneva, with views of the Rhone Valley. The school features a performing arts center, a riding center and has its own 'Nature and Expedition Centre', located in a nearby mountain village. All students spend some weeks of the school year there. The school is divided into two sections. The French Lycée following the official programme of the French Baccalauréat and the Anglo-American Section leading to the High School Diploma. Classes are small (maximum 16 students, average 10). Wide range of extra-curricular activities including sports, music, drama, art, design and technology + active participation of the students in humanitarian projects in India and Africa with the school’s foundation “Le Solstice
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Crowthorne, Berkshire

The Founded by Queen Victoria in 1859 and named after the famous general Wellingston.
The College is building upon its honourable past with military roots while adapting its values and traditions for the twenty first century in a sustainable way. Students (appr. 1000) taking part in weekly activities with the Royal Navy, the Marines, the Army and the Air Force. The College is fully co-educational and provides for both boarding and day pupils.  The education goes beyond premier division academic success (93% A/B grades at A level). Wellington is deeply committed to all-round excellence by the belief that everyone has eight principal aptitudes or ‘intelligences’: mathematical or logical, linguistic, inter-personal, intra-personal, aesthetic and musical, kinaesthetic or physical, spiritual and moral intelligence.
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A co-educational independent boarding school focusing on university preparation for grades 8-12 (as well as optional PG and 13th grades). It is foundet in 1961 and located in the alpine resort village of Leysin. Facts:
370 boarding students (boys and girls from 12 to 19) 60 nationalities (about one third of students are American), avarage class size: 13, •Diplomas : Intern. Baccalaureate (IB) and American High School. LAS is the first high school worldwide to receive certification by ISO-9001 meeting all norms for a full quality management system. 1990 LAS became the first boarding in Switzerland to offer the prestigious Intern. Baccaulaureate Diploma.
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ROEDEAN SCHOOL (mainly for girls)
Brighton, Sussex (East)

125 years leading girls´ education. Just as prestigious for girls as Eton for boys. Roedean has a reputation for being a bastion of poshness and privilege.It is not driven by a one-dimensional hunt for academic glory. Instead, Roedean  believes that the job of great independent schools is to develop the spirit, values and individual personalities of their students.  The pupils are therefore exposed to a rich variety of cultures in a creative, yet purposeful, atmosphere. Roedean is an independent day and boarding school for girls aged 3-18 and boys aged 3-11. At Roedean, caring and committed staff ensure pupils:  develop their intellectual curiosity, make informed decisions, lead as well as be part of a team, appreciate cultural diversity, enjoy learning, are happy and safe.
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Founded in 1927 as the first British School in Switzerland, Saint George s School aims to combine its well-structured, traditional ethos with academic excellence in an international environment.
The school stands in a park of 45,000 square metres with magnificent uninterrupted views of the mountains and Lake Geneva. 470 students and 70 boarding students in the age range : Boys and girls from 3 to 19. Diplomas : Intern. Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE. Excellent sports facilities, clubs and societies, music, drama, arts, science.
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Rugby, Warwickshire

Founded in 1567, the school combines centuries of history with modern facilities.  Rugby is a famous independent school whose traditions include innovation and vision, initiative and responsibility. It pushes each student to achieve their full potential, via an advanced curriculum, a structed disciplinary system, and a wide range of prizes and incentives. The defining feature of Rugby is a strong boarding ethos with pupils at school seven days a week. Living together in a boarding House, especially sharing meals together, is an essential part of learning to live happily in a community. The boarder/day ratio is 80/20 (the boy/girl ratio is now fixed at 55/45).
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Gstaad International School is unique in Switzerland as a small, community oriented tutorial school that prepares students for university admissions in the USA / UK & Switzerland.
Since its founding in 1962, Gstaad International School has striven to nurture the moral, intellectual and physical growth of its students. The school"s mission includes the building of endurance and stamina in both academics and sports, as well as stimulating personal achievement by teaching the values of respect, gratitude, humour and real caring for others. The strength of the school"s curriculum is in its flexibility to respond to the needs of the individual student: providing usable knowledge, while at the same time inspiring reflection, provoking creative thought. A comprehensive sport activities program including tennis, squash, golf, swimming, windsurfing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, basketball, soccer, archery, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding.
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Wincester, Hampshire

Winchester College is a school for boys aged 13-18. It was founded in 1382  together with New College in the University of Oxford (for which it was designed to act as a feeder).  According to "Good Schools Guide", the school "has arguably the finest tradition of scholarship of any school in the country", is "uniquely civilised", and provides an "academically, comradely and architecturally privileged boyhood most Wykehamists treasure throughout their lives. The upper-class lifestyle magazine Tatler named the school as its "Public School of the Year" in 2010. Although the matriculation results are excellent, preparation for them does not dominate a boy's time. Winchester School strives to cultivate habits of disciplined organisation and clarity of thought, practical qualities necessary for a happy and creative life, together with a deep respect for the best that has been thought and said in the European cultural tradition.
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Aiglon College is an international British school located in the Alpine village of Villars Switzerland. It is one of the top boarding schools in Switzerland. There are many British students as well as some royalties attending. The school aims to educate men and women for integrity and developing the qualities of uprightness as well as self discipline, honesty, tenacity, good health in body and mind, thoughtfulness and service to others.

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Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Shrewsbury School is a co-educational independent school for pupils aged 13 to 18, founded  in 1552. It is one of the original nine Clarendon Schools that were defined by the Public Schools Act 1868. Originally a boarding school for boys, girls have been admitted into the sixth form since 2008. In 2010 over 81% of 167 pupils achieved A*, A or B grades; 19 pupils being offered places at Oxford and Cambridge universities.
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An American boarding school in the heart of Europe, designed to prepare students for American colleges and universities and to introduce them to European culture and languages. The academic programs allow students to earn the American high school diploma and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, providing access to colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. Tasis accommodates 512 students representing 50 nationalities. TASIS is committed to transmitting the heritage of Western civilization and world cultures: the creations, achievements, traditions, and ideals from the past that offer purpose in the present and hope for the future

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BENENDEN SCHOOL (girls only)
Cranbrook, Kent

Benenden has been one of the leading boarding schools in Britain for over 80 years. The vision of Benendon: 'to be a happy school with personal integrity and service to others always in mind, where everybody would be given the chance to follow her own bent.' educate around 520 girls aged 11-18, who come from a variety of backgrounds. Benenden offers a strong range of extracurricular activities. The belief is that these lead to a more rounded education and strongly favour individualism. Main school sports include, lacrosse, netball, rounders and tennis. Girls often play these at county and sometimes national levels.
In 2010 88% of girls achieved A*, A or B grades.

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